Baltic Offshore Grid Forum


The Baltic Offshore Grid Forum (BOGF) is a communication platform for stakeholders involved in the field of offshore wind energy and grid development in the Baltic Sea region. The Forum has been developed and implemented during the EU Interreg project ‚Baltic InteGrid‘ (2016-2019). Since the Baltic InteGrid project has identified a big economic potential for the whole region by developing offshore wind energy, the project partners have decided to carry on with the BOGF. Therefore, the BOGF is exceeding the funding period of the Baltic InteGrid project.


The BOGF wants to explore and discuss the benefits of offshore wind energy development in the Baltic Sea with all relevant stakeholders and to pursue the objective of an integrated offshore electricity grid for a clean, sustainable and reliable energy market. The BOGF fosters the efficient development of offshore wind energy through hybrid and meshed grid systems in the Baltic Sea region.

With costs rapidly descreasing and production capacity increasing, offshore wind energy is set to play a key role in tomorrow’s sustainable, diversified energy mix. The Baltic Sea region offers good conditions for offshore wind development. The combination of stable wind speeds, shallow waters and low wave heights form an economically-attractive offshore wind potential.

Offshore wind energy not only offers an opportunity for a regional energy transition, resulting in a more sustainable and efficient energy market, but also wider socio-economic value. The development of offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea offers great economic growth potential for the region and for the whole supply chain, such as turbine and substructure manufacturers, O&M service providers, ports, and other logistic enterprises.

In a Nutshell

The Baltic Offshore Grid Forum

… is a knowledge platform hosting regular expert events recognised and attended by relevant stakeholder.

… is an information hub mobilizing relevant stakeholders and interest in the topic of offshore wind and offshore grid development in the Baltic Sea.

… forms an umbrella to connect existing initiatives and create synergies with regard to offshore grid development in the Baltic Sea.